I offer a wide range of writing and editing services. Each project is different, so reach out for a rates quote.


I make writing that’s nearly perfect even better by:

    • Comparing new proofs to previous versions and style guides.
    • Ensuring prior corrections were made without errors.
    • Fixing formatting issues such as extra spaces, bad breaks, and more.

Line Editing

What most people picture when they think “editing.” I perform a line edit by:

    • Polishing grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, clarity, and flow while making your voice (and message) shine.
    • Creating a consistent tone while aligning copy with the style guide of your choice.

Developmental Editing

I review your story to figure out what’s working and how to make it even better. This involves:

    • Conducting scene-by-scene analysis of plot, characters, conflict, and theme.
    • Collaborating with you to ensure you can tell your story your way.


Don’t forget; I’m a writer too. My writing services include:

    • Ghostwriting for individuals who have an amazing story but want help telling it.
    • Copywriting for online and print publications. Blog posts, marketing copy, feature stories, etc.
    • Writing fiction, of course.